New Customer Promotion ~ Invite Only!


You have been invited to participate in a special promotion I’m offering because someone who loves you believes YOU will love essential oils!  

(If this has been shared with you in error…OR you’ve been working with another essential oil educator, please disregard this message!  Also…please don’t share this link with others, as it’s by invite only.  If you know of someone else who may be ready to start, please send them my email or FB link so they can contact me and then I’ll reach out directly.  I’m concerned about people starting without proper instruction and support.)

– WHAT – 
Purchase any Starter Kit before the end of March and receive an Emotional Aromatherapy Touch Roll On Kit from me for FREE! (value, $100). Starter kits are packaged with the beginner in mind. They take all the guess work out of getting started…that’s why people love ‘em!!!

In addition:

  • We will waive the $35 wholesale membership fee and you will have an entire year of access to wholesale prices at doTERRA for any future orders you’d like to place!
  • I’ll send you my “Beginner’s Bundle” with an Oil Usage Guide and some important supplies (like rollerball bottles to make blends if you want) so you have all you need to dive in.
  • You will be invited to participate in my exclusive customers-only online supports so you’ll have all your questions answered as you start implementing them into your home and family!

doTERRA is just like Costco—once you have an account, you can shop as often as you would like, or never again. There are no minimum or maximums and you do not have to sell anything!!! Placing a regular monthly order and taking advantage of the business opportunity are just optional benefits!

– Even MORE Free –
For those opting into our free monthly frequent buyer program, I like to offer a few more gifts to help support you in what is obviously a serious commitment to your health and wellness journey with essential oils.  See more on our frequent buyer program here >> Loyalty Rewards Program .


Any new customer that orders at least 100pv through their LRP cart in April will receive a deluxe customer tool kit full of important stuff like spray bottles, rollerball bottles, etc. to make continuing to use your oils EASY PEASY.

Any new customer that does that again in May (100pv through your LRP cart) will receive a free diffuser and a mini trio pack of bonus oils (lemon, lavender, peppermint) for travel, home, work, wherever!

– WHY –
I’ve been blessed with an opportunity to help people incorporate natural health care into their families. I LOVE watching people feel empowered with these products and in addition…I love loving on my customers, giving them even more tools to use, and hopefully inspiring them to know better and do better. Keep the freebie oils/diffuser for yourself or pay it forward by gifting some to others!


– HOW –

  • Click HERE
  • Follow directions to purchase your kit. Do NOT add on the Emotional Aromatherapy Kit to your order, I’ll be sending that separately along with your Beginner’s Tool Kit!
  • Once your order goes through, both you AND I will receive a confirmation from doTERRA.
  • Watch your mailbox for your oils from doTERRA and your freebies from me!
  • I’ll continue to watch your account for your follow up orders and will send out your additional gifts once they process.
  • In the meantime, we can schedule our wellness consult and I’ll send you links to our online supports!


If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

My goal is to make this as easy-peasy as possible!

This offer for initial kit purchase expires on March 31, 2018 or until supplies last!