Essential Oils…Where do I Start?


Kits are packaged with the beginner in mind…they include easy to use, versatile, most used oils to take the guess work out and make it EASY for you to dive in!

Several kits and price points to choose from.

All kits come with FREE Wholesale Customer Status for 25% off any future orders                     for a YEAR!

Also receive my exclusive beginner’s tool kit and ongoing private online support.



  1. Go to and click on “Join & Save” at the top of the page.
  2. Choose “Wholesale Customer”
  3. Enter your information
  4. Choose the Starter Kit you’d like to start with. (Email me HERE if you have questions about which kit is best for you.)
  5. Add any additional products you’d like by typing them in the order form that appears on the screen. Products will automatically calculate at wholesale price (25% off).
  6. Enter payment info.
  7. When it asks if you’re ready to set up your first LRP (Loyalty Rewards Points) order, click on “yes” if you want to begin earning points toward free product and then proceed to #9. If you DON’T want to set up any future orders, click on “no” and YOU’RE FINISHED!
  8. Choose an open ship date for next month – preferably prior to the 15th (which can also qualify you for the free product of the month!!!)
  9. Add products to your order. If you’d like the free product of the month, your pv must be over 125.
  10. Enter your payment info once again. This time it will be saved on file for easier ordering in the future. (You will NOT be charged until your order ships.)
  11. You’re DONE!!! Welcome to doTERRA!

I’ll get a notification once your order is placed so I can send out your free tool kit and any other promotional items you qualify for!