I’m Kari.  A believer, wife, educator, and proud late-step-adoptive-bio-cancer mompreneur (and new step-grandma…dig it).  Some would say life has thrown me more curveballs than the average bear…that’s probably accurate. But we all have our stuff, our baggage, our CRAP.  I’m learning that the key to getting through it all is attitude. Mine isn’t always great…but I’m trying my bootie off to set a good example…to choose joy…and to know better, and do better.  I love that you want to travel that journey with me…

 | My Faves |

 Jesus, my fam, travel, chocolate, wine, good coffee, comfy pjs, girlfriends, my cabin, learning new things, a GOOD dance tune, cooking, essential oils, singing, the beach, eating out, holidays, volunteering, social media, grocery shopping, every season except winter, being in shape, to-do lists.

| My NOT-So-Faves |

Pedicures (but I get ’em), lying, snakes, smoking, celery, beating around the bush, junk food, winter, selfish people, excuses, clutter, drama, CANCER, getting in shape, to-do lists.


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