#stopdropcuddle With Us to help KICKcancER! (By Season Johnson and Kari Uetz)

Fall is here.  School is in full swing.  Temperatures are starting to drop.  And if you look closely, you can even see the leaves on the trees starting to turn various shades of red…yellow…gold.  How fitting.  
You may be aware that September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. By the end of this month, you all are going to be very “aware” that childhood cancer exists.  Of course you already knew and many of you may even consider yourselves activists…proudly supporting those you know and love.  Perhaps you’ve even stocked up on your “gold attire,” and slightly resemble a 90’s rap artist.  😉    
Courtesy of our friends at MaxLove Project.

But what you you may not be totally aware of are the cold.hard.facts.  The ones many of us cancer mommas know by heart.  Like the fact that at least 45 children every DAY are diagnosed with cancer. Or that more children die of cancer than any other disease. You may not be aware that childhood cancer only gets an average 3.8% of the total funding allocated to cancer research.  Or that over 90% of children who survive a cancer diagnosis end up developing a chronic long-term often debilitating issues, including vision and hearing loss, learning disabilities, early onset osteoporosis, vital organ damage, infertility…even secondary cancers.  

Now let’s be clear…we WANT you to be aware, and hell, go ahead and go gold if you want! As mothers of cancer fighters ourselves, who have helplessly watched our children be put to sleep more times than we can count, who have cried ourselves to sleep more nights than not at the heartbreak of our baby’s illness, it is empowering and encouraging to see people stand up, support, and make donations in honor of our heroic children battling cancer.  But what we BEG of you is to think twice and do your research before you donate, making sure that your funds are being utilized in the best, most productive way to help our children not only heal…but truly thrive.


The Problem

10885102_10152905515676183_7579697585076893128_nWhen donations are made to the large cancer research organizations, the majority of money will go to the pharmaceutical companies who then typically give a large grant to a research group. Pharmaceuticals may have their place and we do know they are an instrumental part of helping our children beat cancer.  BUT…let’s think about this.  TRULY think about it.  Do you think that pharmaceutical company is going to be very happy if the research group discovers a natural diet, supplement, or therapy to help fight or perhaps even cure cancer?  They want to see a drug produced that will make them a very large profit.  I can assure you, that as much as we may not want to believe it or would rather turn a blind eye to to what it implies…the truth is that cancer is a very, very lucrative industry. 

There are a LOT of things we need in the world of childhood cancer.  But in our humble opinion…one formed after being forced into a front row seat to this nightmare of a reality show… what we DON’T need is more toxic drugs. 

10405517_10204944501441729_6328204175910343387_nChemotherapy is a cytotoxic poison and radiation is devastating to the human body, particularly to young children who are still developing.  Do some of those drugs prove effective?  Yes, they do.  But we have been fighting this cancer war since Nixon declared the official “war on cancer” 40 years ago with the National Cancer Act.  And have we been fighting this war with?  Drugs, drugs and more drugs. And while it may be easy to look at the rising cure rates of the past several years and see that as a “win”, here’s the problem: so has the rate of childhood cancer.  And not just “first” cancers…the rise in secondary cancers and chronic diseases that the drugs cause are also on the rise.  
In addition…perhaps you weren’t aware that the price PER DRUG APPROVAL is about $1.6 billion.  BILLION. Which, as you may expect, effectively eliminates innovative drugs by individuals and small pharmaceutical companies. In short, the sad reality is that the drug industry is a playground in which only the largest monopolies on earth can afford to play.  This is why alternative treatments and holistic therapies to help these children heal and address the UNDERLYING cause of their cancer will most likely not become mainstream in the medical world.  
That’s where we…and YOU…come in.  

What Can WE Do?
Parents, families, non profits, “alternative” practitioners…we have to do our part in privately raising funds to provide the education and resources for families who are in the fight of their life.  And because it’s not “mainstream”.  And because it doesn’t have the government’s “stamp of approval”, that proves to be a pretty steep uphill battle.  

11139999_10153512757916183_8147914318954077472_nSo because of this…we humbly ask that you would join us in fundraising for The KICKcancER Movement.  This movement has been created in honor of our cancer fighters, Kicker and his future wife, Dani 🙂  (Arranged marriages are totally legal and not creepy at all, right?).

The purpose of The KICKcancER Movement is to educate families about the alternative healing therapies available for their children and how they can help alongside the conventional treatment protocol.  Things like dietary changes that will help strengthen, not weaken, their exhausted little bodies as they are broken down and eventually rebuild.  Natural methods of mitigating side effects to help minimize the need for synthetic drugs…our kids are getting enough of those.  Ways to help their strained bodies detoxify from the build-up of medications and dead tumor waste.  Things like services from osteopaths and naturopaths, who take a much more hands-on approach and focus more on prevention rather than treating illnesses and symptoms after the fact.

10946068_10206230602990599_809932061_oKICKcancER is dedicated to helping families affected by childhood cancer THRIVE. Our goal is to empower through education —teaching the importance of real foodreal health, and how to implement it into real life—both during and after treatment. We believe: When you know better, you do better.

100% of the money donated to our cause goes directly to furthering our movement.  To providing education and support to families who are in the fight of their lives.  No salaries and very, VERY little overhead, as those of us who run the Movement do so on a voluntary basis.  We are cancer mommas…friends…people who have seen and felt the devastation of this diagnosis first hand.  People who have found amazing tools that have helped the children we love and have a passion for sharing that with as many other families as we can.

Cuddle With Us

10603721_10153512757906183_3540305686783076131_nOne of the most important things we’ve learned along the way…something we take for granted but that we can ALL do for our kids and our families is to focus on our emotional health.  Whether you’re in the middle of a health crisis like childhood cancer or not.  Life can get busy and stressful for us all.  Stress can cause all sorts of negative effects in the body and further set our children back in their healing.  We know.  We’ve seen it and we’ve felt it. 

So that’s why we ask you to take September to participate in our #stopdropcuddle challenge.  Not only to increase the emotional health of your own family, but in honor of those who may not be able to cuddle their children right now.  Maybe it’s because their in surgery.  Or have tubes coming out of them.  Perhaps they’re in isolation or on steroids and simply don’t want ANYONE touching them right now.  Maybe they’re bent over the toilet throwing up.  Maybe…they’re in heaven.  

These are the kids…these are the families that we’re fighting for.  

How to Officially #stopdropcuddle

The challenge is easy.  Here’s how it goes:  

  1. 11988626_10153512757856183_8939283712141738755_nTake a picture of you cuddling with your babe(s).  Whether they’re 1 or 31 :). 
  2. Post to social media using the hashtags #stopdropcuddle and #KICKcancER. 
  3. Consider challenging others to do the same by tagging them in your post.  

Following your post, we would be humbled if you considered making a donation to your favorite childhood cancer organization.  If you’re confused as to where you want your money to go, KICKcancER is always happy to be the recipient!  http://www.kickcancermovement.com/donate/

We also appreciate and partner with other organizations that we know use their funding in a way we support. Here are some of our faves:

11539612_10153512748351183_854574306579172358_nThe intention of our challenge is to not just to bring awareness to pediatric cancer, but to create change in a healthy way. We want this to go viral!  Make sure to use hashtag #stopdropcuddle and #KICKcanCER and share your photos and videos on the KICKcancER Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Let’s show the world we’re not going down without a fight.  That these kids deserve our attention…or love…our support…our time…our resources…EVERYTHING WE’VE GOT to help them KICKcancER.

JOIN US in making a difference…one cuddle “sesh” at a time!


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