Essential Oils…Why We Hopped on the Bandwagon


Essential Oils…I know, I know.  It’s sorta all over the place these days.  I admit that about a year ago, I thought it was one of those come and go fads too.  And if you don’t know me well, I’ll start by saying I really, honestly don’t love going with something just cuz it’s the “thing to do”.  In fact, I’ll admit I sometimes avoid things just because it falls into that category…I simply don’t like being a follower.  But at that point…a year ago……I was willing to try anything…ANYTHING to help my baby and I didn’t care if it meant I was climbing on the bandwagon just like everyone else.

10671446_10152905482136183_7217672688190015666_nMany of you who know us or have followed our story, know the specifics of WHY we started using oils.  I’m told that I’m not allowed to share that publicly anymore.  The FDA doesn’t want me suggesting a correlation between that and using oils.  So…with a heavy heart…I’ve deleted those specifics from my post.  It’s sad…and makes me angry…my story is my “why”.  But in order to stay legally compliant and retain the right to share these oils with others, it’s what had to be done.  So…we’ll just skip to the rest…k?

How We Started

We started small…Peppermint for occasional stomach upset and Lavender for sleep.  Imagine the hope, the peace, the empowerment we felt.  I honestly get tears in my eyes just thinking back to those moments.

After seeing how the oils helped support my daugter’s body, we started digging deeper and using them more frequently.


Same question I had.  I mean I get that things that smell good can maybe calm you down or make you feel nostalgic or happy.  I totally believe in the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy.  But I’ve learned that there’s so much more to it than that…and it’s really pretty cool.

“Momma, I just need some oils on my feet.”

So before you understand HOW they work, it’s important to have a glimpse into the best ways to use them.  There are three, aromatically (smelling them), topically (applying to your body), and internally (ingesting in water or capsules).  I’m a huge fan of both aromatic and topical.  Ingestion is a bit controversial and something I personally feel ok doing in moderation, with this specific brand of essential oils (doTERRA).  I feel that if you aren’t comfortable with it, don’t do it!  My kids don’t and neither do many of my friends.  Just know that you can get GREAT therapeutic benefits from the other two methods if ingesting isn’t your thing.

Here’s the HOW in terms of aromatic use.  Ever hear of your olfactory bulb or limbic system?  Neither did I when I started using.  Here’s a great graphic that helps explain:


Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds.  Volatile means the molecules actually expand in the air.  My kids always know within minutes when I’ve open an oil bottle…even if they’re in the next room.  The scent travels.  Because they’re volatile, the scent easily and quickly enters the nasal passage where it comes in contact with the olfactory bulb.  The olfactory bulb engages the limbic system, which sends messages to certain certain areas of the brain that are responsible for helping you focus, calm down, stimulate memory, wake up, etc.

How else do they work?  I’m glad you asked.  🙂  Did you know that when you apply something to your skin, it absorbs and gets into your blood stream?  In fact, depending on where you apply, it can be in your bloodstream in as little as 28 seconds.  Makes you think twice about the chemicals you read about on the back of your lotion bottles, huh?

Essential oils, when applied topically, can support overall health and wellness in many, many ways…too many to even list!  Each oil can have hundreds of compounds and constituents that when taken into the bloodstream, can help improve cellular health.  Cool, yes?


Photo-Jul-22-2-28-04-PMEssential oils are a lot of things.  We use them daily in almost every facet of our lives.  But what they’re NOT, is a magic bullet.  They’re not going to magically solve every problem, heal every ailment, or eliminate the need for any and everything “conventional”.  I absolutely believe in the power of a multi-faceted approach to health and wellness.  There are MANY things we’re doing to keep my baby and the rest of our family strong and healthy.  Essential oils have been a HUGE part of that…but it’s most certainly not the only thing.



I love lemon.  It’s such a versatile oil.  I put a few drops in my water daily, which helps support detox, digestive health, and weight management.  It also adds a HUGE flavor boost to recipes.  In addition, it’s strong properties make it the perfect addition to a spray bottle of water and a little vinegar to use as a household cleaner!  (Plus, it helps masks the smell of the vinegar…I hate that.)


THIS is why we started with essential oils.  Because it helped support my baby SO much during times of occasional stomach upset.  No lie.  We put it on her feet and diffuse in the house/car after she’s had her chemo treatments.  I have to admit to shedding a few tears after seeing how well this worked for her.  I can’t even put into words how empowering it has been to know that I have this little tool in my toolbox.  Peppermint is also my go-to for those mornings I just can’t wake up.  I rub it on the back of my neck, cup my hands lightly around my nose and mouth, and take a few slow, deep breaths.  Wakey, wakey.  For an added little pick-me-up, I blend it with Wild Orange.

Soothing Blend

I can’t tell you the number of testimonials I’ve heard from people FINALLY finding relief after using this blend.  It’s great to use before and/or after a workout to sooth tired and stressed muscles.  There’s an oil and a rub…both are extremely effective.  They have that cool/hot feeling on your skin…similar to some of those other over-the-counter muscle rubs but without all the yuck like parabens and artificial coloring.

Protective Blend

Immunity support in a bottle!  This blend is incredible and contains the same antioxidant support as eating a bus-full of blueberries.  I’m positive that this little bottle of magic sauce has been an integral part in helping us stay out of the hospital with Dani this past year.  We’ve been adamant about applying the Protective Blend on her feet every night before bed.  We also use it on the rest of us at night AND in the morning before we all head out into the world of germs.  So before the hubby heads off to work (shaking hands with strangers all day long) and before her two siblings go to kindergarten and first grade (need I say more?).  As I mentioned before, certainly not a magic bullet…we do a ton with diet and other immune system boosting stuff as well.  But as I compare our overall health after starting with oils to that of years past, I have to believe it’s played a huge role in us all staying very healthy.

Calming Blend

This blend is one that I never leave home without.  The hubby loves this one too.  It’s amazing for calming down anxious feelings and has also replaced the icky, toxic body sprays and perfumes I used to wear.


I’ve become passionate about sharing what I know and what we’ve experienced using these oils.  It’s what’s worked for me…for my daughter…for my family.  And I truly thank God that I was introduced to them when I was because I know for a fact, it’s been one of the biggest factors in how well we’ve ALL weathered the storm of the past year.

As far as this being a “fad”…well, I guess you need to decide that for yourself.  You also need to decide whether or not it matters.  If it works, it works.  The truth is that they’ve been around for thousands of years.  It’s what was used before all the modern advancements in medicine.  And again, while I’m thankful for those advancements, I also feel like the newest, latest, greatest, quickest, way…isn’t ALWAYS the best.  So in my very humble opinion, I don’t think it’s a fad.  Instead…I think the pendulum is swinging.  I think people are getting fed up.  Fed up with the multitude of medications, prescriptions, side effects, and cycle of relying on the next round of whatever to manage their health.  And they want to take some control back into their own hands.  Just like I did.

I encourage anyone starting with essential oils to do their research.  Lord knows I did…especially when I was using them on my daughter and the rest of our family.  There are lots of essential oil companies out there.  Some good, some not-so-good.  I landed where I did because I felt confident and comfortable with their product, the company, and the people that stand behind it.  The more I learn, the more convinced I am that I made a great choice. Which company?  Email me HERE to find out.

Never…in like two billion years (or so 🙂 )…did I see using these oils as any sort of business opportunity.  I believe that God has opened this door as a way of helping me find my purpose of giving back, sharing and empowering others, and helping support my family physically, emotionally, and financially during such a difficult time.

It’s been quite a road so far, and there’s still much more ahead.  But I feel equipped and empowered for the journey…and I’d love for you to join me. 

For more information, email me HERE!



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