SUPER Delicious and Nutritious

superbowl-xlix_home_pageSuper Bowl Sunday.  Here it comes!  Since I don’t have to get all geared up to cheer for anyone (dammit, Packers!) and could pretty much give a patoot about who wins (sorry Boston seesters), I’ve decided to focus on providing a super duper delicious and NUTRITIOUS Super Bowl spread.

Regardless of whether “our team” is in the game…the Super Bowl is sort of an all-day event at our house and of course, food is a big part of that.  In addition, I’m a lucky duck because this year, my KICKcancER partner in crime and sister from another mister, Season Johnson and her fam will be here to celebrate with us.  Gotta bring my A game cuz you know she’s hard core (keeps me on my that).  😉

In years past, it’s been bags of chips, soda, and store-bought desserts.  While I can get on board with a periodic splurge for a special occasion, I also like the idea of avoiding it if we can.  So I set out in search of some ideas for GREAT tasting recipes that will keep us on track nutritionally.  Some of these recipes are mine…others are taken from some of my fave sources on the internet.  Check out the links for those.


~Chicken and Veggie Soup with Grain-Free White Dinner Rolls~

~Herb Roasted Sweet Potato Skins~

~BBQ Chicken Bites~

~Apricot Zingers~

~Apple Smiles~

~Beef Sticks and Sliced Cheese~

~Veggies with Homemade Ranch~


Chicken and Veggie Soup

This recipe starts with a whole, free range organic chicken in the crockpot the day before. I give it a little salt and pepper, turn the crockpot on low and let it do it’s thing.  That night, we have chicken with some sort of side for dinner.  Then it’s time to shred off the rest of the meat and add it back to the broth in the crockpot and pop it in the fridge overnight.

The next day, I put the broth/chicken back in the crockpot, turn it on low, and then add the following:

  • 10730972_10152770126816183_5426146726682299879_nDiced carrot, sweet potato, onion, cauliflower and mushrooms (all sautéed in pastured butter… I add to my pan one by one, a few minutes apart, in that order…use as much or as little as you have or change/alter/omit/add any other add-ins according to your family’s taste.)
  • 3-4 cloves of minced fresh garlic (add towards the end or it can burn)
  • Celtic Sea Salt (add to veggies as they’re sautéing and then to soup to taste)
  • 2 cups or so of water
  • 2 cups or so of chicken bone broth

Let it heat up and simmer for a bit, then slurp it up!  This is the ONLY way Sawyer will eat veggies.  He has been known to eat three bowls of this soup in one sitting.

Grain Free White Dinner Rolls

10409098_10152993152626183_19230058757500907_nWe made these the other night for the first time and ah mah gah….so yummy.  Now that we’re concentrating on grain-free eating, I really didn’t anticipate being able to have rolls like this again.  We all gobbled these up like crazy.  Planning a triple batch for the big game. Carrie Vitt of Deliciously Organic has out done herself with this one.  Thanks, girlie!

Herb-Roasted Sweet Potato Skins

Confession:  I haven’t made these yet but my mouth waters at the sight.  Planning to serve with this garlic aoili…although my kids will likely just want organic ketchup.  (IF I can get ’em to eat them at all…we’ll see.)

Buffalo Chicken Bites

Easy Peasy.

  • Cut up free range, organic chicken into large chunks (breast, thigh…whatever you prefer).
  • Brown in frying pan.
  • Lower the heat and add about 3/4 cup of organic BBQ sauce towards the end of cooking.  (Make your own if you’re ambitious enough…we like this one by my Civilized Caveman friend, George!)
  • Once chicken is no longer pink inside, remove completely from heat.
  • Serve with organic ranch dressing and celery (unless you loathe it…like me).

Zingers-682x1024Apricot Zingers

Another gem from Carrie Vitt.  These are crazy-good and insanely addicting.  If you don’t love spice, leave the jalapeños out.  PS…if you’re going grain free…or even if you just LOVE HEALTHY FOOD…you need Carrie’s new cookbook, The Grain-free Family Table.  Honest to goodness, one of the best I’ve ever owned.

Apple Smiles

A fave snack in my house.  Have the kiddos help with this one!

  • Slice apples
  • Smear a bit of dip (cream cheese/raw honey blend, almond butter, or whatev) on the “inside” of two slices.
  • Add a few organic mini marshmallows or raisins to look like “teeth” on one and smash ’em together.
  • Looks like two red lips and either healthy or decayed (marshmallow or raisin) teeth.  (Teachable moment about the importance of brushing your teeth…bonus.)

Beef Sticks and Sliced Cheese

Our fave beef sticks (when the hubby hasn’t whipped a few up) are from Thousand Hills Cattle Company.  We cut them into smaller segments…easier to have as a snack/app.  Our cheese is either Organic Valley Raw Mild Cheddar or anything by Kerrygold.

healthy-homemade-ranch-paleo-seasonjohnsonVeggies with Homemade Ranch

This homemade ranch dressing is from the fab, Season Johnson.  Serve with the BBQ chicken bites above too!  You’ll wanna keep this stuff on hand…it’s amaze balls.  More of Season’s super-delish and nutrient-dense recipes available on her 30-Day Meal Plan and Real Food Dessert Plan.


As for beverages…no soda for us anymore.  Cut it out a long time ago and don’t even have it in the house anymore.  Mark’s fave is now LaCroix Sparkling Water…a great alternative.  We also keep KeVita Probiotic Beverage on hand.  If you’re thinking of something in the “adult” category for the big game, keep in mind that many of the commercial beer companies (especially those sponsoring said big game) have either been VERY secretive about their ingredients or are selling products loaded with GMOs and artificial, synthetic, and toxic ingredients.  Food Babe did an investigation on this several months ago.  See a list of better beer choices here.

Our kiddos will be sipping on water, milk, or some cold-pressed apple juice/water.  They actually love a few flavors of the KeVita too…they call it “berry pop”.


So there you have it…aren’t you glad you know what the Uetz and Johnson families will be stuffing their faces with?  Luckily we can dance our booties off to Katy Perry at halftime to work off a few of the crazy calories we’ll be consuming.  Not kidding…we’re gonna raise the roof.

How about you?  What are YOU planning to serve this year?  Share some of your faves in the comments below.

Enjoy the commercia…errrr GAME!




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